AT 22

22 is a cursed age! And the word to explain it is!!! because no one actually understands what’s happening until the year is over. At 22 you actually believe anything Google says. The thirst of being inspired is like your daily food. Science explains it as the late stage of adolescent but I think adolescent is actually super strong at this age like battery full. Your hormones are so strong at 22 than alcohol at 23 you have hangover and regrets come in at 24.

Today I lay back asking myself where the hell my gats went! I was that party animal hitting clubs twice a week, the driver of the gang I actually lived my dream literally. By the way you know how people are usually influenced by peer pressure? I was the damn peer pressure. I was a go getter and inside the guy I was I had a dream, MUSIC. One day I saw a poster of a record label in campus, something that triggered my gats to follow my dreams. I started saving for studio time. I practiced every night to make my voice perfect. I did what celebrities did like dress good, interact with celebrities and dream big. I felt the music industry missed one element, something that would make J-zee visit the country for samples, that element was my voice … ok it was a dream.

At 24 I lay back wishing hibernation concept would also apply to humans, that way I would go back, fade and avoid the year that cost me lots of money in fact I should be owning a car by now, lost my time and jeopardize my education. Starting off in music was a good thing but I should have asked from professionals. Am sure I would have gathered enough tools to make me a star by now. Should have learned the art and know its pros and cons. Lastly, I should have chosen a perfect niche instead I just wanted to be a celebrity.

Today I have my own principles generated from theories of the greatest psychologists. It’s not always a walk in the park for most of us in terms of making choices because many questions like what will my family think? Where do I start? Keep nagging our thoughts and weakening our dreams. Human Beings have different needs which are hieratically arranged from basic needs to self actualization. At the bottom of the pyramid is the starting point where we need to satisfy our basic needs in terms of food, clothing and love from people around us, next is job security and gathering enough before reaching for self actualization. Today many young musicians fail because they try starting from the top, trying to reach self actualization without enough capital and this is dangerous because;

Most producers might miss use you. When we start we tend to go for cheap staff because its all we can afford, we go for producers who only need customers but never promote your talents, my advice is avoid them before they destroy your career! When this happens you need a job to fall back to for your needs.

External motivation like money will always win. At the end of the day we need cash and gifts for the work we have done and when music starts feeding you, you’ve actually attained self actualization. Meanwhile at start up you need a job or a business that will feed you and pay your bills before you attain self actualization. Its never easy but its worth trying.

Many of us have talent in music but again not all of us will make it because we missed a step or two, mainly because we think age is chasing us. This is a bad perception of how music works, Taio cruz is my biggest inspiration of all times and still around because he knows the business ,another artist is pharell this guys will be celebrated many years to come because they knew what they wanted before they had it.